Hi-Tec Washrooms Solutions starts 2019 with New Additions to the Team

Hi-Tec Washrooms is happy to announce two valuable new additions to the team so that we can continue to offer the top level service that we pride ourselves upon, driving our way forward for 2019. The additions come on the heels of the announcement of new Entry Gate Maintenance and Installation projects across the biggest attractions within the City of London.

Dedicated to Providing Top Class Public Toilet & Entry Gate Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Our first new team member, Lucy Willcox, has already proven herself to be instrumental in her role as the Hi-Tec Maintenance & Cleaning Administrator. In her role she liaises directly with clients to ensure that our installations are always in fantastic condition and running smoothly, providing the necessary assistance to make sure clients’ needs are met.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Maintenance and Cleaning of both Paid Entry Gate systems, Public Toilets and Amenities; visit our Cleaning and Maintenance page or get in Contact and we will be happy to help.

Installing Vital Public Amenities Across the UK

Our second addition to the team, Nadine Howkins, is helping drive our Commercial Projects for 2019. Nadine’s role as Commercial & Projects Administrator helps boost our already stellar service with over 20 years of experience in both Customer Service & Administrative roles, for both Government Organisations and Private Businesses. The addition helps improve communication and aids in orchestrating more complex projects with our clients even more effectively throughout the vital planning and installation stages.

Whether you are planning the expansion of an existing installation, or are looking to install new Entry Gates and Public Toilets within your project; Hi-Tec Washrooms offer the top level service in Public Toilet design with a huge range of Cash and Contactless Entry Gate systems.

Get in Contact with our growing team to find out more about how Hi-Tec Washrooms can take your project from planning, surveys and consultation, all the way through to installation.