Hi-Tec Washrooms Secure Contracts for the Biggest Attractions across London

Hi-Tec Washrooms are proud to announce a new contract with the City of London to revitalise the public amenities in some of the most prestigious locations in the city.

The announcement comes on the heels of a successful research trip to the HI-TECH Building exhibition in Moscow, an international exhibition on building and construction with a focus on automation.

Installing & Maintaining Hi-Tec Entry Gates in the City of London

The new project locations include the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral (Paternoster Square), The Monument (London Bridge) and the central hub of Bank Station; and will involve both the upgrading of Entry Barriers and the Public Toilets, and the maintenance of the Entry Barrier Systems.

Hi-Tec Washrooms Cash Entry Gate Reporting System

Proud to Announce the First Hi-Tec Cash Reporting System Installation

In addition to the projects listed, Hi-Tec Washrooms is happy to reveal our first Cash Reporting system installation. Alongside the Card and Contactless Entry Gate reporting, our Cash Reporting system allows our clients to take advantage of live data direct from their installations, with both systems able to work together to give the full picture of their takings.

Project Director Ramon Bunce commented:

We and our clients are massively impressed by the insights and improvements that our Card and Contactless systems have provided from our entry gate installations. To have instant access to the data allows such a huge increase in productivity, from knowing not just how profitable each of their units are, but when they are busiest. From that knowledge our clients know exactly what resources to allocate and when, allowing them to run units far more efficiently.

From the level of success this system is having, we knew that being able to offer live reporting on all of our systems, including traditional cash transactions, was a must moving into the New Year. The installation in the City of London will be the first of many of our integrations in the coming years.

Hi-Tec Washrooms continues to offer the latest and most effective solutions in both Public Toilets and Entry Gates, and are eager to break ground on the host of new projects in some of the most prominent sites in the City of London. To find out how Hi-Tec could help you with any of your Paid Entry System or Public Washroom requirements, click here to get in touch.