Hi-Tec Washrooms attend the Hi-Tec Building Exhibition

The Hi-Tec Building Exhibition

Leaders for Public Entry System Installation and Maintenance

As a leader in the latest public access systems technology, Hi-Tec Washrooms always strives to keep on the cutting edge of what is possible within the industry to ensure that their clients always receive the best solutions for their project.

In dedication of that pursuit, Director Ramon Bunce attended the Hi-Tech Building exhibition at the Expocentre in Moscow, Russia in October 2018. Aiming to further research the latest technologies being developed and implemented across the world within public installations.

The Hi-Tech Building Exhibition

The Exhibition itself was focused on technological advances within the entire building industry; with exhibitors including Siemens, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. There were two main takeaways from the exhibition surrounding how the direction of technology and how the public interact with it is going to change in the coming years.

1. The Future is Contactless

As an installer of the latest Contactless Payment Entry Systems, of which Hi-Tec’s own clients have found invaluable, the message cannot be clearer. As the public move away from traditional cash transactions, the focus on Contactless payments either via card or phone benefits both the consumer wishing for a quick and easy payment- and the provider of the service who is able to forgo the upkeep, security and reporting hassles which come with cash systems.

2. Eco Friendly Smart Solutions

Automated systems, such as our Urilift Self Cleaning Toilets, allow constant monitoring and intelligent use of resources such as water and electricity. This paves the way for environmentally conscious installations, which both benefits the environment and those charged with maintaining these installations.

Director Ramon Bunce attending the Hi-Tech Building Exhibition

The Future of Washrooms Delivered Today

The trip to the Hi-Tec Building exhibition was not just eye opening to see the latest and future technologies available within the sector- but also confirmed that the products and services offered by Hi-Tec Washrooms are changing the industry, and are here to stay.

Whether you are interested in Cash and Contactless Payment Entry Systems or Public Toilet Installations, Hi-Tec Washrooms provides an amazing level of service all the way from planning through to installation, maintenance and reporting. Get in touch with the Hi-Tec Washrooms team to find out more.