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Uri Lift

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The high-tech toilets are operational at night in places around to combat late night revellers urinating in the streets. During the day they disappear underground by remote control, leaving the streets clear and uncluttered.
As they descend into the ground, the “pop-up” urinals wash themselves.

The Uri lift Single, Double or Triple be the solution against urinating: visible when needed and invisible when desired! By placing a Uri lift a number of problems to be addressed immediately and effectively:

  • Damage to buildings and odours are drastically reduced
  • Nuisance and vandalism decline sharply
  • Maintenance costs are tight budgeting
  • Fewer corrective measures required
  • Removal of a cause of nightly problems caused by noise and aggression

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Without the services of Hi Tec Washrooms we would not have been able to install our Uri Lifts. Ray and his team gave invaluable expert support; finding suitable locations, engaging and consulting with local residents, advising on the best approach and most importantly overseeing the actual installation of the uri lifts. As well as ensuring the installation took place at the highest standard, Hi Tec also gave an excellent after installation service, making sure they were on hand when the units went live to iron out any issues straight away.

- M. Hrycak, London Borough of Camden.

Improving Public Areas

Uri Lift Public Toilet in Camden, London

The Uri lift is placed where it is needed, at hot spots in entertainment districts, busy metropolitan areas or near public services like tube stations and taxi ranks. The results of on street urination are not immediate to the reveller, but to the shop keeper, pavement cleaner or early shopper the mess and odour of street urination in areas used as a temporary toilet are all too obvious. Where a shop front or door step has become a public urinal he Uri lift, pop-up toilet, provides the discreet and economic urination device solution to this persistent issue.

Uri lift operation

Three people can use the urinals in the attractively styled stainless steel cylinder at the same time without seeing or being bothered by each other.The Uri lift is only above ground when it is needed. For the rest of the time, it is completely hidden underground.

We have had very positive feedback from all our clients who have had a Uri lift fitted, a good solution to modern day problems.

  • Semi-permanent hydraulically retractable urinal, placed underground
  • Welcomed by local retailers, residents and users
  • Constructed entirely from stainless steel therefore virtually vandal proof
  • Telescopic design makes for efficient installation
  • Connected to mains sewerage for contemporaneous disposal of all waste
  • Connected to mains electricity for lighting, operation and heating
  • Does not disfigure the street landscape as the entire installation is underground when not in use
  • Reduces aggressive behaviour towards law enforcers& passers-by confronting offenders about their behaviour
  • Provides much more privacy than existing temporary urinals
Uri Lift Above Ground

Uri Lift features in use

  • Stainless steel cylinder shaped solid urinal
  • Three bays equipped with light, and an auto-flushing mechanism
  • No signage - the customers know instinctively what to do
  • Extremely hygienic with automatic flushing and disinfecting
  • Completely self-cleaning and odour free
  • Toilet can be used by 3 men simultaneously
  • Combined unit allows one additional female or disabled person
Uri Lift Underground

Uri Lift features whilst underground

  • Concrete cover available in any colour or design to meet the environs
  • Barely noticeable on pavement or street
  • Unit telescopes into stainless steel casing, 1.4m in depth. Service Backup (slightly larger for the combined unit)
  • System performance data monitoring is available to clients to reflect availability
  • Rapid engineer response to problems through remote fault correction or within 24 hours in case of more serious damage
  • Service engineer attends on a regular basis for preventative maintenance
UriLift Installation in Camden

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