Contactless Card Payment Gates in the UK

Contactless Entry Gates

Credit, Debit and Contactless Entry Gates

Contactless Entry Gates for Public Toilets

At Hi-Tec Washrooms we offer the cutting edge in contactless and card payment entry systems that can be installed either as standalone units, or in combination with traditional cash pay gates. Reap the benefits of the future of contactless entry gates by getting in touch with Hi-Tec Washrooms and find out more about how our fantastic systems.

Benefits of Contactless and Card Entry Systems:

  • No need for security and cash services
  • Instant and accurate reporting of revenue
  • Reduced overhead with no need for change machines and staffing
  • Can be installed in combination with cash entry systems if required
  • Guarantees revenue for customers without cash to hand

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Contactless Toilet Pay Gates in the UK

Increase your revenue with Contactless and Card Entry Gates

Cashless contactless and card entry systems are an ideal solution for managing access into toilets and public conveniences which also raises revenue and come with a huge range of benefits. Increased revenue allows better maintenance and cleaning, and entry systems naturally reduce vandalism and mistreatment of toilets which impact the public's use of them. Our contactless and card systems also integrate fully with revenue reporting software, making it quick and easy to track both toilet use and earnings.

To find out more about paid toilet entry systems, get in contact with Hi Tec Washrooms here, or alternatively request a quote below.

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Providing the solution for UK Public Toilets and Entry Systems

We install solutions bespoke to your requirements, with installations for small town councils, and larger projects including automatic public toilets in London and other cities. Whether you're thinking of ways to improve your local area, solve a public urination problem or generate money from paid toilet entry systems, get in contact with us now to discuss your project and get a free planning consultation.

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