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Automatic Public Toilets in the UK

Automatic Public Toilets in the UK

Installing the latest Automatic Toilets in the UK

Hi Tec Washrooms can provide the supply and installation of the latest ranges of automatic toilets to suit the public’s needs. With a huge depth of knowledge and over 35 years of combined experience in the industry, we are an independent supplier that can recommend the perfect product to suit your needs and then provide the hands on installation services to finish your project. Our automatic public toilets are a perfect choice for providing for public areas where the cost and inefficiency of toilet attendants make providing access to well kept toilet facilities prohibitive. Benefits of our toilets include:

  • Reduced operating costs; Without the requirement of paid toilet attendants, automatic toilets almost immediately reduce costs from traditionally staffed facilities
  • Paid toilet options; Our automatic toilets can be provided as coin operated units which will provide revenue, offsetting installation, cleaning & maintenance costs
  • Disabled access; Units are built to be completely inclusive, with disabled access designed in as standard

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Traditional and Automatic Public Toilets

Revolutionising traditional public toilets

As well as cost, our automatic toilets provide a huge host of benefits over traditional public toilets. Built with vandal proofed materials, our units stay clean and like new longer than ever, creating a presentable and welcoming place for visitors. With highly intelligent systems available, our units can provide monthly analytics reports to allow you to know how and when your units are being used and will need restocking and maintenance. Furthermore the automatic toilets can detect and deter vandals, unauthorised entrants and time limit individuals to prevent undesired usage of the facilities. With expert planning and consultation, highly professional supply and installation and dedicated cleaning and maintenance services available- Hi Tec Washrooms can provide you the latest automatic toilets with a fantastic level of service at every stage. To learn more about our range of units, or to get in touch about our services, click below.

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Providing the solution for UK Public Toilets and Entry Systems

We install solutions bespoke to your requirements, with installations for small town councils, and larger projects including automatic public toilets in London and other cities. Whether you're thinking of ways to improve your local area, solve a public urination problem or generate money from paid toilet entry systems, get in contact with us now to discuss your project and get a free planning consultation.

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