Hi-Tec Washrooms Leads The Way With New Hires

Every business in the UK has faced unprecedented challenges over the last 6 months, for some it was a loss of customers and for others it was affected supply lines. For Hi-Tec Washrooms our main challenge has been meeting the enormous demand for Automated Public Amenities that the pandemic has made clear are more important than ever.

Expanding Our Team To Meet Automated Public Toilet Demand

Alongside bringing back every worker furloughed, Hi-Tec Washrooms has met this challenge with confidence. Taking on a new senior engineer in the greater London area, speaking on the hire Project Director Ramon Bunce said:

“Our innovative products are a key part of our business, they speak speak for themselves in terms of quality. Continuing to grow an experienced engineering team that is capable of installing them and maintaining them means our clients get the most out of these products.”

This growth in the engineering team brings a much needed extra pair of hands into the teams that install and maintain Paid Toilet Entry Systems and Automated Toilet Facilities across the Greater London area.

Furthermore the operations team has expanded with new Business Development Manager Elena Magdziak. With a huge wealth of experience in logistics, this new hire will ensure Hi-Tec can continue to install our cutting edge products to an exacting schedule.

Providing Top Tier Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance Service Across The UK

In addition to the expansion to the engineering department, 2 new toilet cleaners have been hired for the recent Malmesbury Public Toilet installation. Helped by the reduced running costs of Hi-Tec Washrooms Contactless Toilet Doors and facilities; the client could invest more in maintaining and cleaning the facilities, providing a healthier and safer public convenience.

Hi-Tec are proud to be able to offer growth in both their client’s facilities and the communities they work within. Providing stable careers to the best candidates is a huge boost to the Hi-Tec team, especially in such uncertain times.

If you are looking for a career in the public amenities sector, please send your CV and covering letter through to our Operations department and we will be back in contact with you.