Mens Toilets Pay Gates in Boscastle with Contactless Payment

The Project Brief

Modernising Boscastle's Public Toilet With Contactless Pay Gates

As a busy tourist destination on the North coast of Cornwall, the historic town of Boscastle has a year round flow of visitors with a massive increase over the Summer months. The town council of Boscastle recognised their existing cash only pay gates were both ineffective in allowing access to cashless users, and a burden to maintain and provision. Hi-Tec Washrooms identified that our modern dual use Cash & Contactless Pay Gates would effectively meet their requirements.

Planning your Project

boscastle Contactless Pay Gates Installation

Hi-Tec Installation

Installing Male & Female Contactless Pay Gate Units In Boscastle

As the second project for Hi-Tec Washrooms in Cornwall, the Hi-Tec team were excited to be installing their latest contactless pay gates in such a picturesque setting. The project was completed with an extremely quick turnaround, with minimal disturbance to the use of the facilities in such a busy period. Both toilet entryways were carefully prepared beforehand, with an efficient installation followed by the ever attentitive Hi-Tec Washrooms clean of the facilities to leave the public toilets ready for use.

Public Convenience Installations

Womens Toilets Contactless Pay Gates

The Outcome

Revitalised Public Toilet Entry Systems for Boscastle

The Hi-Tec team were as proud as ever with their latest efforts in modernising public toilet entry systems across the whole of the UK. With the new Cash & Contactless Pay Gates installed, the local council can enjoy reduced running costs with decreased need for cash collection, as well as increased revenue from the public users who may not have cash to hand. The second installation in Cornwall marks the growing expansion of Hi-Tec Washrooms in providing Hi-Tec public washroom facilities and paid entry systems to the whole of England, Wales & Scotland.

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