Contactless Payment Public Toilet Doors

The Project Brief

Modern COVID Ready Public Toilets In Malmesbury

Hi-Tec Washrooms take each installation on with great care and attention to detail, for which this project was no exception. When Malmesbury Town Council required revitalised public toilet facilities with contactless paid access doors, disabled access requirements and COVID secure facilities, Hi-Tec dutifully rose to the occasion. Being pioneers not only in contactless paid entry, but the latest washroom technology, Hi-Tec determined a range of hands free washroom and entry products that we’ve brought to the market this year would meet our clients many needs.

Planning your Project

Hands Free Entry Doors & Hand Sanitisers

Hi-Tec Installation

Installing Coronavirus Safe Public Amenities During Lockdown Restrictions

With special worker status providing vital public services throughout this pandemic, Hi-Tec got to work immediately planning, sourcing and installing the new facilities promptly. Following all guidelines throughout, and as always with a tremendous attention to detail, the paid contactless toilet doors, which can be opened without touch- as well as hands free hand sanitisers, taps and hand dryers were all installed without a hitch.

Public Convenience Installations

Malmesbury Public Toilet Installation

The Outcome

A Milestone Achievement In Contactless Public Toilets & Entry Systems

Having completed our first full COVID ready major installation for Malmesbury Town Council, the Hi-Tec installation team were ecstatic with the result. Not only providing a much improved public convenience and a far more maintainable and profitable installation for the council- the facilities show Hi-Tec true colours. Years of dedication to providing the latest in washrooms and paid entry facilities has given Hi-Tec a leading position in supplying and installing fully touchless, COVID ready toilet facilities.

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