Hi-Tec Washrooms Now Offering Online Cash & Contactless Reporting

Hi-Tec Washrooms Online Pay Gates Cash Reporting

Hi-tec Cash and Contactless Reporting

Hi-tec Washrooms are happy to announce our online cash reporting for public toilet pay gates and doors is now available for both our Cash and Contactless systems.

In a statement, Project Director Ramon Bunce said:

We are proud to announce the successful launch of our new Cash Collection Reporting in addition to Contactless system, which we have successfully trialled in our Camden Market installation for the last 3 months. We now offer online cash reporting, giving you an instant look at your daily takings. Down to the second.

View your Toilets Cash & Contactless Takings in Real Time

The new Nayax system we offer gives you all the tools you need to quickly and effectively manage your Cash and Contactless takings across multiple units, in as many locations as required. Giving you the precise data to know when cash collections are required, as well as informing you of vital usage statistics to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of your units.

Hi-tec Washrooms Solutions Ltd offer a highly professional service across the UK, with Public Toilet and Pay Gate installations in some of the largest cities in Europe. If you have any questions about your own Public Conveniences needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with our fantastic team to find out more.