Hi-Tec Washrooms Leads The Way With COVID Ready Public Amenities

Hands Free Soap Dispenser

As a leading provider of public washrooms we have always prided ourselves in bringing the latest available technologies to our clients; Hi-Tec Washrooms continues to lead the way with COVID ready public amenities available for installation with a host of new products and services.

Ahead Of The Curve Providing Contactless Public Toilets

Hi-Tec recognised the many benefits of Contactless payments long ago, helping bring our Contactless Pay Gates, Turnstiles and Door Systems to the market, where they have been an unmitigated success.

These systems have provided innumerate benefits for both our clients managing these low maintenance units, and for the end user who finds the convenience and ubiquity of Contactless payments much preferable to traditional cash systems.

Making Public Facilities COVID Ready

We are proud to announce that, having worked tirelessly to expand our contactless offerings, we now can offer hands free soap dispensers, hands free sanitising products and motion activated ingress and exit sensors to replace traditional buttons.

These steps, compounding with the existing benefits of our Contactless Public Toilets, help provide an increasingly safe environment for the public who require these facilities once again at the beginnings of lockdown easing.

In addition to these technological advancements, we have continued to provide the top level of service to our many clients who have required our skills more than ever during this period of upheaval, with our cleaning staff providing ever reliable sanitisation of facilities to ensure the safety of key amenities.

To find out more about our Contactless Pay Gates, Hands Free Soap Dispensers and our other products and services, get in Contact with us now and we can take your project from planning and consultation all the way through to installation.