Public Toilet Refurbishment Project in Camden

The Project Brief

Planning and Co-ordinating the Refurbishment

Our client required an urgent toilet refurbishment in a busy marketplace in Camden, London. With the high footfall of the area, the need for clean, functional public toilets was a must. Further to these requirements, the existing pay gates were in need of updating and the suggestion to include a contactless entry system was put forward to not only capitalise on the extra guaranteed revenue but to future proof the toilets for years to come.

Planning your Project

Hi-Tec Installation

Paddle Pay Gate Installation and Refurbishment in Camden

The Hi-Tec Washrooms team quickly and efficiently were able to refurbish the 3 toilets within the premises, whilst causing minimum disruption to the businesses and public in Camden Market. After this, the new paddle gate system was installed, complete with contactless and card payment. The entire installation was undertaken professionally and courteously, and the facilities were left spotless for the public to use once completed.

Public Convenience Installations

Camden Market Contactless Payment Toilets

The Outcome

A Positive Impact for Camden Market

With the installation and refurbishment a huge success, the facilities have been in constant, steady use since completion. With improved revenue from the extra custom from users without cash to hand, the toilets can ease the strain on local businesses and at the same time provide the revenue required to keep the facilities as clean and operational as the day they were installed.

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