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We have a great wealth of experience working with councils in the UK installing paid toilet access systems and automatic toilets to improve their local areas and generate revenue through their use. Over the last 18 months we have been working closely with the London Borough of Camden.

We have assessed their on street urination problems and devised a plan that meets their budget to improve the area for local residents, business operators and those who visit the area. We looked at the entire area, the current provisions provided and what improvements were necessary to reduce the on street urination issues.

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Camden City Council Toilets

Fully managed council projects

We are part way through the installation program and have already installed a huge amount of triple Uri Lifts, we are about to embark on the first installation of a combination Uri lift outside of Holland. This will enable not only for men to relieve themselves but women too. They are a sanitary, hygienic, secure and safe option.

This option for most council’s is a cost effective way in the long run to reduce on street urination. We have assessed, advised, consulted, procured, installed and will continue to maintain the units. This is a whole package solution.

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Consultation, planning and installation of public utilities

If you are a Council who have to deal with on street urination issues then we can help. As a first point of contact please get in touch with your questions or queries and we can discuss your needs, whether you wish to generate revenue with paid toilet access systems, require cleaning and maintenance or are thinking of installing automatic public toilets.

[the products] have had an excellent impact in the community, providing a service for visitors and reducing anti social public urination. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hi-Tec Washrooms Solutions to carry out the installation of any kind of washroom facility, especially one in a public domain. I hope to be able to use their services again.

- M. Hrycak, London Borough of Camden.

Providing the solution for UK Public Toilets and Entry Systems

We install solutions bespoke to your requirements, with installations for small town councils, and larger projects including automatic public toilets in London and other cities. Whether you're thinking of ways to improve your local area, solve a public urination problem or generate money from paid toilet entry systems, get in contact with us now to discuss your project and get a free planning consultation.

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