Busy UK Nightlife - Solving Public Urination

The Project Brief

Solving Public Urination in Camden High Street

Like most urban areas with an active nightlife, public urination was a growing concern for Camden City Council. Hi-Tec Washrooms recognised the issue, and found a high traffic spot with many bars, a nightclub and a tube station within an 100m radius of each other, on the corner of Camden High Street. Here we could most effectively solve this issue with the highest impact, with the proposal to offer a public urinal for revellers which would not interrupt the daily routine of such a high traffic area.

Planning your Project

Public Toilet Installation outside KOKO Nightclub

Hi-Tec Installation

Highly Efficient Public Toilet Installation

Hi-Tec began installation of one of our advanced Urilift systems outside of KOKO nightclub, the unit provides 3 users the facilities to urinate, with helpful but non-intrusive signage to effectively get the attention of any members of the public in need of a restroom. As with all of our public installations we took precautions to ensure the safety of the public whilst construction was underway, the smooth running of local businesses with a quick and low impact installation schedule, and the cleanliness and upkeep of the area surrounding the installation, with a full cleaning of the area post installation.

Public Convenience Installations

Public Urinals for Nightlife

The Outcome

Improvements for local residents, businesses and end users

The Urilift installation has transformed the corner of KOKO nightclub into a far more pleasant area, both during busy nights for the public using it, and the local residents and businesses who no longer have to clean up afterward. As with all our Urilift installations, the Urilift remains out of view below ground throughout quiet periods so as not to interrupt both the busy street, maintaining the historic charm of the corner. The Urilift has already received high praise from locals; resident G. Breakspear said in response to the improved conditions: "Could it stay up 7 days a week? It resolves the urination issues of the area, and it makes my neighbours lives much easier not having to clean up our doorways most mornings!"

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