London Combined Uri Lift Installation and Planning

The Project Brief

Planning the new Urilift Installation

Our client required both male and female public toilets in a high traffic area just outside of Chalk Farm underground station, which itself has no toilets available to the public. They required an efficient and inclusive system, which could be easily monitored and maintained in a public hub with high footfall, several bars and many public transport links. Hi-Tec Washrooms had the perfect product, an ultra-modern combined Male and Female Urilift system which ascends during peak times to be used by the public.

Planning your Project

Hi-Tec Installation of a new Combined Urilift Unit

Hi-Tec Installation

Installing the combined male and female toilet

Thanks to years of experience installing systems in some of the busiest cities in Europe, the Hi-Tec Installation of the new combined Urilift system was clean, efficient and timely. Working in the bustling Chalk Farm intersection, the new Urilift was installed into the ground and connected to both power and water. The small area which was sectioned off during installation for the safety of the public was then thoroughly cleaned, and opened to allow the toilet’s use.

Public Convenience Installations

Positive Impacts of Combined Male and Female Public Toilets

The Outcome

Providing public services for years to come

One aspect of installing public conveniences that makes our installations so gratifying is the positive impact that they have for both the public, and the private residents of the affected areas. With the installation of the brand new combined Urilift, travellers of both genders now have a quickly accessible public toilet and local restaurants are less strained with the public requesting to use their own facilities. The Urilift has provided an important public resource in the area, and in an efficient and easy to maintain product.

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